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Health and Wellbeing Support Services for Oversea Patients

We focus on healthcare services & treatments for the patients travels or are visiting from outside of the country.

Please visit us if you feel unease, otherwise, our staff will advise you to use our visiting doctor’s services. Our doctors can speak several different languages. We proud to have a team of healthcare professional and internationally trained medical specialists.

Our doctors are always courteous and respectful and welcome patients coming from oversea. Every payment must be made by japanese yen (円) and that can be settled either by cash or credit card. You may be able to claim back a percentage of the costs if you have travel insurance in your country. You will receive a billing statement (in English) from us before the insurance company has processed your claim. You can also access your medical records (in English as well) if you request its copy to be sent to the insurers. Cashless billing service is also available because of the variations in health insurance coverage.

Please call us for any requests.





The clinic location is on the 4TH Fl. HERVIS PLAZA 2-5-25 Umeda Kita-ku, Osaka For more information
Access to our Clinic
WHAT TO BRING? Each time you visit us, Your Current Passport (Mandatory) Your Private health insurance card (if you want to use it) For more information: Appointment Scheduling & Finalising Payment Methods