OUR SERVICES | Bow Clnic International



GENERAL PRACTICE & INTERNAL MEDICINE (includes Common Colds, Diarrhea, Diabetes Mellitus, Pneumonia)

We care for and treat patients with:

  • Common diseases such as common cold, stomachache, diarrhea, asthma, skin rash, and ureteral infections
  • Chronic adult diseases such as the issues related to hypertension and high blood pressure, overweight, metabolic syndromes, and lipid disorders
  • Need for international-standard medical cares: Our doctors will not hesitate before accepting patients with several cultural backgrounds.
  • Need for a series of immunizations and vaccinations: Hepatitis A & B, typhoid fever, tetanus, and Rabies
  • Need for medical screening


We care for and treat patients with:

  • Conditions such as dizziness, speech difficulties, swallowing problems, face or neck pain, thyroid salivary gland disorders; and/or
  • Esophageal diseases: Our transnasal endoscopy is known as a feasible, safe, and well-tolerated method to screen for the diseases; and/or
  • Allergic conditions on nose, ear, and throat


We care for and treat patients/athletes with:

  • Any traumatic conditions such as bone fracture, sprains, common shoulder or back pains, and any other rheumatic conditions; and/or
  • Health conditions and screening (in athletes)

GENERAL DERMATOLOGY (where health insurance is applicable)

We care for and treat patients with:

  • Stress-related skin problems such as acnes, athletic foot, and allergic conditions on skin; and/or
  • Skin complications (incl. sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging)